Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Most of us have made the decision to lose a couple of pounds.  Especially at the beginning of a new year, we could benefit from dropping a few.    

And so we diet.  And then a friend calls for a happy hour filled with fun, fried foods and a few drinks and that notion of restricting our diet takes a backseat to the moment. 

No big deal, we say, “I’ll start again tomorrow.”  “Or on second thought, we’re at the weekend; I’ll start fresh on Monday morning.” 

What is this whole notion of “starting over?”

Of course, dieting is just the example I’m using here.  It could be exercise.  Could be consistently sharing content online or making daily entries in QuickBooks.  Could be reading to your kids.  Sales calls.  Could be anything.  We’re constantly, “starting over.”

In my experience, this “starting over” talk usually ends with another "starting over."  

The moment you notice you’re off your game, there’s really no need to dramatically, “start over.” 

Instead of stopping to start again, try this. 

As soon as you’re aware of your actions, make an adjustment.  Give yourself the opportunity in the moment to change your mind which changes your behavior. 

The power is to simply make an adjustment. 

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