Thursday, March 2, 2017

I promise next week’s blog post will not make reference to a book. 

But I feel I must share the power and magic of Steven Pressfield’s, Turning Pro.

This is not a new book; it’s a classic business read.  And for me, it’s on regular rotation.  I’ll pick it up on random days and simply open the book and read several pages.  The lesson is always right on.  I go back to my work powered by the knowledge of this important book.         

It’s a slim volume (just 100 pages,) so it can be consumed in a sitting.  With that short investment of time, you’ll give yourself ammunition to fight Resistance. 

Pressfield defines Resistance (with a capital R) as fear, self-doubt, and self-sabotage.  So Resistance looks like cleaning out your inbox before writing your blog post.  Or shopping for a new lamp for your desk before making your sales calls.  I think you get the picture; it can get ugly. 

He also gives us a glimpse of a life lived as an amateur or a professional.  It’s all about what daily, dedicated commitment looks like.  He breaks it down in an easy way that actually makes you want to clean up your act and refashion your day.    

So take a turn with Turning Pro.  Which will probably make you want to read his first book, The War of ArtIt’s another important, super-slim volume. 

Both of these books are little, mini life-changers.  And I mean that, seriously.