About Penny

I realized early in life that I’m happiest when I’m working independently.  So with the exception of a twelve year stint as a staff writer, following the four year college stint at Michigan State University I have been blissfully self-employed.

For the first 18 years of self-employment I dedicated my life to sugar owning a wholesale cookie bakery called Penny’s Pastries.  I also taught pastry classes and wrote Cookie Stories.

After selling my bakeries in 2005, I was invited to team with a microlender to create marketing plans,  develop entrepreneurial training classes and connect with entrepreneurs in a coaching capacity.  That one year contract turned into a life-changing five years during which time I was introduced to and assisted literally hundreds of entrepreneurs. 

Using personally developed techniques I widened their path to profitable while maintaining that fabulously flexible entrepreneurial lifestyle we all love. 

With passion I realized I’d found my next chapter.  I decided not to renew my contract. Instead I started my own consultancy in the fall of 2010. I call it MARGIN. 

With MARGIN I’m mission-driven to make small business easier, because honestly too many small businesses still fail or fall short of their potential. I’m here to make them more profitable and more logical.

Through MARGIN I’m writing business plans built on strong strategies leading to profitability. Developing small business products that finally make it easier to understand business fundamentals (because not knowing the fundamentals can cost you big time,) and consulting one-on-one with small business owners to help keep all their plates spinning.

I started the MARGIN blog because I’m a writer at heart.  And besides, it’s a way to talk business, meet you and hopefully through my posts introduce you to useful business concepts, creative alternatives, and connect you to beneficial resources.

Ok, so enough about me.I’d love to find out more about you and your business.  Send email any time to makingbusinesseasier@gmail.com

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